'Wizard'-World Championship 2018

Find out about the informations, participants and prizes!

There has been a list of 23 qualified players for this event and almost all of them came to find out who is the best, who does the best forecasts of the Wizarding Word in 2018. They gathered from around the globe, namely Austria, Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and the USA. That makes a total of 9 countries that battle to find the next Wizard World Champion at Warsaw, Poland.

Each round, we have four tables of four players and one table of five players. The seating is determined random. After four rounds, the results of the previous rounds are summarized and the top four players will play at a final table. At this point, they are already qualified for next year’s World Championships which means they do not have to go all they way via the pre-liminaries and National Championships. What else they can win, you find in the chart below.


1st   Trophy, 250 € Gold Bar and Qualification + Travel Sponsorship to the World Championship 2019!
2nd   150 € Silver Bar, Trophy
3rd   100 € Silver Bar, Finalist Medal
4th   Finalist Medal

Interview with the Crew

The 'Wizard' Award Ceremony

World Champion: Vasilis P., Greece
Place 2: Akos L., Hungary
Place 3: Tatjana P., Austria
Place 4: Beate P., Austria

Last but not least, here are the final standings of the Wizard World Championship in Warsaw 2018. Take a look at the last 21st participants of these tournaments and welcome the winners of 2018.