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At AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH we are always interested in new game proposals. If you would like to submit a game idea to us, please fill in the following form. We will usually get back to you within a month.

Please note: As with any game, there are a few rules when working with us. Below you can find what we are looking for. Please only send us your game idea if it fulfils our requirements.

Your personal data and your game idea will be treated confidentially. You can find more information on data protection in our privacy policy.

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The AMIGO editorial team

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Please note: We are generally looking for children's and family games, especially card games. We are not interested in the following categories: party games, sports simulations, political/economic simulations, abstract games, role-playing games, trading card games, war games, fighting games, roll & move games, puzzle and quiz games, letter and word games, educational games, brainy games, larger board games, complicated or very strategic games, outdoor games.
Please note: We do not develop solo games or 2-player only games.
Please note: At AMIGO we develop short and simple games. The maximum playing time should not exceed 45 minutes.
Please note: Regarding game components our motto is: Less is more. At AMIGO we try to avoid plastic. Larger board games with a lot of material don´t fit our program. Also, your game should not contain the following objects/materials: Miniatures, electronic devices, magnets, metal, etc.
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    Please note: For a better understanding, the rules should contain as many pictures and examples as possible.
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      Please note: A video makes it easier for us to understand your game and gives us a better insight into your game idea. A video is optional and has no influence on our evaluation. However, it does influence how quickly we will be able to send you our feedback.
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